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Buick GMC Tire Service Center

Your tires are where the rubber hits the road, and our tire service center is where you can ensure that rubber stays in top shape. It's key to your safety, as tires are the vehicle's only contact with the ground. Stop driving on improperly-sized or compromised tires and count on our GM-certified technicians to keep your tires in good health.

Service, Inspections, and a Buick GMC Tire Shop You Can Trust

Like your engine, your tires require routine maintenance. An important factor is a regular inspection. We check the tread depth to ensure proper traction, wheel alignment for even wear, tire pressure for proper performance and wear, and more. Like a brake replacement service, if the inspection reveals that a new set is required, we'll help find the right ones for you and install them promptly. We can extend your tire's lifespan with several services too.

During that short wait, you'll enjoy a comfortable lounge and friendly customer service to boot.

How Our Tire Service Center Near Baltimore Can Extend Your Tire's Lifespan

Our service center can be thought of as a tire care center. That's because it's not always about solving an urgent issue but correcting subtle ones that lower the tire's lifespan. Let's face it: A new set of tires is expensive, and getting the most out of that investment is key. So, here's how our services extend your tire's lifespan:

Wheel alignment

If you feel the vehicle pull to one side, vibrate as you drive along on smooth roads, or notice problems with handling or performance, your wheels are likely out of alignment and in need of our tire service center. Several mechanical components are involved in keeping the wheels aligned, and precise measurements are necessary for a proper alignment.

Misaligned wheels will cause more than just an unpleasant driving experience, as it can create uneven tire wear, in turn lowering the tire's lifespan. Tire balance, performed with small weights mounted along the wheel, is another factor that can cause similar issues. It can also affect the longevity of components connected to the wheels and tires (i.e., the suspension). With either service, your Buick tire will track straight and true.

Tire Rotation

A tire faces different demands depending on its location on your vehicle. Front tires, for example, can be pushed down with more force thanks to the engine's location. Even then, the tires that face the inside of the corner can wear differently than those facing the outside when turning.

A tire rotation at our Buick GMC tire center doesn't refer to the tire's natural spinning motion. Instead, it rotates them in a specific manufacturer-recommended pattern from one position to another.

This should be performed around every 7,500 miles to help all four tires wear down evenly and achieve a long lifespan.

Tire Pressure Checks

Both under and overinflated tires are dangerous to drive on and harmful to tire health. Every vehicle and tire comes with a manufacturer-recommended pressure according to factors like vehicle weight. Maintaining this pressure can help achieve an extensive tire lifespan, vehicle comfort, fuel efficiency, braking effectiveness, performance, and more.

Tire pressure naturally changes with the weather in Glen Burnie, MD, along with other external factors. We'll check that your tires are properly inflated at our tire service center and adjust their pressure accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brand of tires does Buick GMC use?

The brand of Buick GMC tires used will vary depending on the model of your vehicle, and the model year. Many Buick SUVs use Michelin® tires, while some off-road oriented GMC trucks use tires from General Tires. At our Buick GMC tire center near Baltimore, we stock a wide range of OEM-quality Buick GMC tires to let you drive for many miles with smooth handling and optimal performance. Contact the Wilkins Buick GMC service advisors to find the best tires for your vehicle.

​​Do Buick GMC vehicles need special tires?

Buick GMC vehicles need OEM-specification tires, as equalling the factory specifications is paramount to maintain the original ride quality and performance. Plus, proper-spec Buick GMC tires will last longer than cheaper tires, letting you get a greater return on your investment. Contact our Buick GMC tire center in Glen Burnie, MD, to learn which tires are right for your ride, and find our competitive tire specials, too.

Are tires covered under the GM warranty?

Your tires may be covered under the GM warranty to protect from defects, and an optional GM tire warranty can protect against unintentional road-hazard-based damage like potholes, and if it does, it may cover the replacement of damaged tires. The GM tire warranty coverage and eligibility will vary; please check your GM warranty documentation or contact Wilkins Buick GMC to see your vehicle’s specific tire warranty coverage.

Find Tire-Service Savings Near Pasadena

You can make your wallet as happy as your tires will be. Browse our current service and parts specials, and bring the applicable coupons to your appointment.

Solve Your Tire Needs at Wilkins Buick GMC Near Columbia

Whether you're looking for a new set of winter tires or a rotation for your current set, we account for all your tire needs at our tire service center. This principle applies to all the other aspects of service, like a Buick GMC battery replacement and much more. Stop by today to keep your vehicle's ride smooth and safe.

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