GMC Performance Trucks Lineup & Specs

When you're searching for a lifted truck that'll dominate off-road and grab attention on-road, look no further than GMC performance trucks from SCA Performance. They're lifted, toughened up for off-road use, and transformed with some of the coolest looks around.

Every GMC truck from SCA Performance is a comprehensive package offering some of the best parts, craftsmanship, and confidence around. Look at it this way: You'd consider our new GMC vehicles for sale near Baltimore for their luxurious twist on a rugged platform. With that luxury and advanced tech already there, things get even more appealing — so why not sit in premium comfort while taking the wild side of things to the extreme?

That's just the beginning of what makes SCA Performance GMC trucks a great choice. From all-American craftsmanship to a comprehensive warranty, we'll walk you through everything that's offered, and why one is right for you. If you're looking for a similar package but with a distinctly different style, then be sure to check out our GMC Tuscany trucks as well.

About our GMC SCA Performance Trucks in Glen Burnie, MD

First things first, while their trucks are incredible, SCA Performance as a company stands out just as strongly. That begins with their founding dating back to 1979.

A history of over 40 years is confidence inspiring for sure, but their status as a premier GM Approved Special Vehicles Manufacturer is even more so. This manufacturing is impressive in itself, as it all takes place in their thoroughly modern 150,000 square foot Trussville, AL, headquarters. From in-house products and methods to a dedicated and passionate team, all SCA Performance trucks are built under a higher standard.

Our SCA GMC Performance Trucks Lineup Near Columbia

What makes this higher standard so great? Is it the looks? The off-road capabilities? Or is it the peace of mind? It's all of the above, and more in fact. To paint the complete picture for you, here's a breakdown for just one of the SCA built GMC performance trucks you can find with us, and what makes it special:

GMC Sierra SCA Black Widow

From the name alone, the GMC Black Widow is one bold machine. But then you look at it and realize it's not just the name; this really is one hardcore truck. Starting with aesthetic qualities, a Black Widow Package GMC Sierra gets you these exclusive features:

  • A prominent SCA hood vent
  • SCA fender flares for an aggressive stance
  • Red brake caliper covers with the SCA logo
  • Red LED lighting for the interior
  • Premium Black Widow exterior badges
  • Black Widow embroidery on the headrests
  • Black Widow logo speedometer gauges
  • Black Widow logo LED "puddle" projector lights
  • Painted interior trim
  • Blacked-out wheel-to-wheel side steps

Looks are one thing — actual performance is another. As a prime example of what GMC performance trucks can do, a Sierra Black Widow will come with the following features:

  • An SCA suspension system offering six inches of lift
  • BF Goodrich AT K02 35-inch all-terrain tires
  • Distinct 20-inch Black Widow wheels
  • An upgraded performance exhaust
  • Custom SCA speedometer calibration

On top of all this, you can also choose available upgrades to take your Black Widow even further. These include:

  • An upgraded SCA bumper with LED lights by Rigid Industries
  • Rock lights for nighttime off-road driving
  • Upgraded SCA 22x12 wheels and tires
  • Power running boards
  • A custom leather upholstered interior
  • A custom SCA signature paint job

The Benefits of Choosing an SCA Performance Truck

As if hardcore looks and off-road optimization wasn’t enough, every SCA Performance truck comes with benefits that put them a step above your average modified truck. The first and perhaps greatest of these is a three-year/36,000-mile warranty. So, for example, in the unlikely chance your brake caliper needs an inspection, it may be covered under that warranty at our brake service center. On top of all this, every part you'll find in an SCA Performance truck is compliant with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), so you won't have to worry about the modifications not being up to legal spec.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GMC performance package?

There are several GMC performance packages, each with uniquely awesome upgrades. For example, the GMC AT4 Off-Road Performance package equips your truck with new wheels, performance exhaust, an air intake, and many more off-road-conquering features.

What is the Black Widow GMC package?

The Black Widow GMC package is an awesome overhaul to trucks like the Sierra 1500, turning them into monsters that look like show-ready stunners. They’re built to conquer the wild with in-house off-road enhancements like a Black Widow lift kit and performance suspension system and include a factory warranty to let you enjoy it all with confidence. Plus, you’ll enjoy it in comfort, as Black Widow GMC trucks offer upscale interior upgrades. Come by Wilkins Buick GMC near Baltimore to experience a Black Widow GMC truck.

How much horsepower does a GMC Black Widow have?

A GMC Black Widow truck will have varying horsepower outputs. For example, if it's a Black Widow GMC Sierra 1500 for sale that uses the 6.2-liter V-8 engine, it’ll have 420 horsepower, as this is the factory-rated horsepower output for that engine. There’s a full lineup of engines to custom-tailor your performance and efficiency desires, making every Black Widow GMC truck a great way to get a custom truck without the custom headache. Visit our lifted truck showroom in Glen Burnie, MD, to find yours.

Discover the SCA GMC Performance Trucks at Wilkins Buick GMC Near Pasadena

Sounds good, right? We think so too! Our history started in 1949 and today continues as strong as ever with great vehicles like the SCA Black Widow. Whether you're looking for a new or used Buick or one of our lifted trucks, you'll find the same friendly, down-to-earth service across everything we do.

So what are you waiting for? Visit us to experience the Wilkins Buick GMC difference and come face to face with our beastly GMC performance trucks today!

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