The auto detail packages at Wilkins Buick GMC make it easy to maintain your vehicle's showroom shine and keep your car looking like new, inside and out. Our Exterior Detail packages help ensure your car's paint will shine and be protected from the sun, bird droppings, and tree sap. When you slide behind the wheel after an Interior Detail, your car's cabin will feel like it just left the factory. But that's just the beginning of what goes into our car detailing services in Glen Burnie, MD.

We provide a comprehensive service that fully details your vehicle while also removing germs and allergens, helping to provide long-term protection that helps eliminate harmful contaminants. Learn more about our auto detailing packages prices below and schedule your appointment.

Wilkins Car Detailing Package

If you've never had your car detailed before, you're in for a treat. A Wilkins auto detail package is more than a car wash. It's an in-depth cleaning of your car's interior, exterior, paint, and wheels.

When you visit our car detailing dealership, you'll notice that every vehicle, new or used, has a mirror-like shine and an immaculate interior. Our team has countless years of experience bringing out the best that a car can be, and our supplies and equipment are specialized for the task. We offer that experience for your vehicle to bring out-of-sight areas back to their best shape.

To keep your car looking great and easy to maintain, we apply special protective sealants, waxes, compounds, and ceramic coatings to help protect the paint and upholstery. Our detailing services near Baltimore are competitively priced to help ensure you continue to regularly treat yourself and your vehicle to full car detailing.

Interior Auto Detailing Packages

Interior Auto Detailing Packages

Your vehicle's interior is where you spend your time on the road. Whether on a road trip or commuting to work in Baltimore, you want your car's interior to be as clean as possible. But as we climb in and out of cars, stop for snacks, and live our lives, the seats in our cars collect crumbs, dirt, sand, debris, and the occasional toy. Leather upholstery can lose its luster, and door handles can become grimy. An interior detail resolves those issues.

When you select our car detailing package, we'll start with an Express Interior hand wash with high-quality products. From there, we'll scrub your car's dash, console, and the areas between and around the seats with our specialized auto shampoo.

Your car's interior trim can get scuffed and stained over time, and we remove those unsightly marks with an intensive process. With our interior auto detailing, we clean and apply a special protective coating to your floor mats, clean your air vents, and bring interior trim panels to top shape. Once it's all done, we use special products to condition your interior for long-lasting protection.

Exterior Auto Detailing Packages

Daily drives can take a toll on your vehicle. Surface dirt and grime don't just reduce your paint's shine; they can eat away at the special coatings and corrode your vehicle.

To address this, we remove that buildup (even in the door jambs). We then give your vehicle an intensive hand wash and use a clay bar to remove the smallest contaminants. We use specialized detailing tools to remove imperfections in the paint, such as swirls, scuff marks, stains, and oxidation, to bring back that factory shine.

We apply high-quality hand wax to seal the shine and restore and protect all exterior plastics from the elements. This can include your car's headlights, door trim, and roof rails. Our car wash and detailing package will protect it for miles down the road.

After all this, we apply a coat of carnauba wax to make your vehicle's paint look better than ever, then polish and wax your wheels so that they shine just as brightly.

Exterior Auto Detailing Packages

Full Auto Detailing Packages

The Full Detail is our most popular auto detail package because it includes the Interior Detail and Exterior Detail packages for a reduced price. Call our car wash and detailing center near Columbia to schedule your appointment.

Detail Services and Paint Correction in Glen Burnie, MD

As your one-stop shop for automotive detailing and service, we'll keep your car looking and driving in ideal condition. At Wilkins Buick GMC, you can find competitive prices for each of the following:

Contact us today to schedule an interior carpet cleaning or a car wash and wax. And remember, everyone wins at Wilkins.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Full Detail package Wilkins Buick GMC includes cleaning, restoring, and protecting the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This can include the paint, plastics, windows, and engine bay. We ensure no scuff, swirl, or speck of dirt is left untouched. From cleaning between the seats to conditioning the dashboard, we clean and protect your car's interior with equally thorough work.

Yes, an exterior auto detailing package can include the restoration of your car's headlights. With exterior auto detailing and headlight correction, we can remove headlight cover oxidation for a crystal-clear and protected headlight cover for the long term. Contact our local car wash and detailing to schedule an exterior detail with headlight detailing.

A full auto detail can take time, and this all depends on the vehicle's size, condition, and selected services. A full auto detailing package is an intensive service that tackles every area of your vehicle, restores it to like-new condition, and protects it for many miles. Typically, a Full Detail takes approximately five hours to complete. Contact Wilkins Buick GMC today for an accurate estimate.

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