Buick Enclave Safety Rating And Features

This Buick Enclave safety rating guide should have everything you need to know about this 5-Star crash-test-rated SUV from Buick. We'll dig into crash test results, key safety features, and what life is like behind the wheel of this exceptional family SUV. Explore our Buick Enclave lease specials to see how we save you money. Continue to scroll to see how the Buick Enclave might just save you!

Buick Enclave Safety Rating: An Overview

Before we begin our discussion of the exceptional Buick Enclave safety rating, it's important to start at the beginning. This way, you'll understand the machine and see what it competes with, and we'll clearly illustrate what ownership means and why you've made the right choice. The Buick Enclave (and all trims) inhabit the premium crossover SUV segment and compete with vehicles like the Volvo XC90, INFINITI QX60, and Acura MDX (among others).


Since the very first Buick Enclave rolled off the assembly lines in 2008, it was destined to be a family favorite with standard seating for seven passengers. With families' safety in mind, Buick engineers paid special attention to arming the Enclave with every available technology and assistance feature that would enhance survivability in any worst-case scenario. We'll discuss the full array of Buick Enclave safety features below.

Buick Enclave Safety Rating: Technology & Features Guide

This section on Buick Enclave safety features identifies driving hazards first and then feature-implementation as a solution. We'll look at three main areas that are safety concerns, including traction, distracted driving, and collision.


Sure-footing = Safe Travels

We've all slipped and fallen. This loss of control is due to losing traction. Gravity, momentum, and physics win. We lose. And have a sore rear-end (if we're lucky) in the morning. A vehicle works the same way. If your tires lose their ability to grip the road or driving surface, you might lose control and crash. In order to maintain traction, the following safety features are found in your Buick Enclave:

  • ABS & Traction Control - Without any input from you, these safety features prevent wheel lock-up or excessive wheel spin. This allows the tread of your tires to maintain contact with the driving surface, so you remain in control.

  • StabiliTrak - Is a proprietary safety feature that uses engine braking and vector control to keep you moving in your intended direction. This intuitive feature needs no input from you and will work on its own.

These features, as well as your choice of FWD or AWD, will do everything possible to ensure that traction is maintained and controlled. Now only if your shoes could do that while walking on the ice.

Distracted Driving

There's a lot going on in the modern world. It only takes a second to have a crash when you're distracted by any of the things you normally deal with along every journey. Here's what Buick Enclave safety features will help you along the way:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems - Through a sophisticated array of sensors and equipment, your Buick Enclave is watching the road even when you might not be. Through features like autonomous braking, blind-spot assist, lane-keep assist, driver alertness, & pedestrian detection, your Buick Enclave might be able to respond in those precious seconds before you can even react.

  • Head-Up Display - This feature can produce critical vehicle data like speed, navigation, radio, & caller ID information midway over the hood of your Buick Enclave. Right in your line of sight. The idea is that you can keep your eyes up and focused on the road ahead while never having to scan into the cabin for information.

  • Bluetooth & Voice Command - Another feature set designed to allow you control of certain functions through the use of your voice. With your smartphone connected to your vehicle, you can use voice commands to make calls, operate vehicle features, and do lots more. Your hands will stay on the wheel. Your eyes up. Never missing out on those critical seconds needed for you to react to an emergency.

In the Event of a Collision

This is where those federal and private agencies step in to determine Buick Enclave crash test results. We've all seen the videos of crash test dummies strapped into vehicles while they are being flung into other objects. We're pleased to note that the Buick Enclave safety rating is the highest possible from the two main entities, namely, the NHTSA and the IIHS. Here's a bit more about the features that make the Buick Enclave crash test results so positive:

  • Advanced SRS - Supplementary restraint systems, otherwise known as airbags, are found in every key position on the Buick Enclave. Forward airbags, seat-mounted side-impact airbags, and head curtain airbags for all rows offer essential protection from debris and other collision-related impacts to soft tissue.

  • A Robust Cage Surrounds You - With body-on-frame construction & a side-impact protection system, your Buick Enclave is about as tough as they come, hence the superior ratings for side-impact collisions.

  • Help Is Always At Hand - With an activated Buick OnStar account, you will be contacted in your vehicle by an emergency operator if a crash is detected. If you do not or cannot respond, all available emergency services will be sent to your current location.

The overall safety rating for the Buick Enclave is five out of five stars given by the NHTSA. Additionally, the IIHS gives the Buick Enclave its highest allowable marks. Find your new Buick Enclave for sale and head out in style while being well protected.

Buick Enclave Safety Rating FAQs

Thankfully, the Buick Enclave crash test results are as strong as you could hope for. This page hasn't even covered other safety features like child safety locks, latch systems, LED headlights, auto headlights, and more. There's almost no end to the safety features in your Buick Enclave. So let's take a moment and highlight some answers to common questions regarding the safety rating on the Buick Enclave.

What is the safety rating on a Buick Enclave?

Both the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety have given the Buick Enclave top marks for safety.

Is the Buick Enclave a safe car?

Yes. Federal and private agencies give the Buick Enclave safety rating the highest allowable marks. Because the Buick Enclave is packed with the safety features discussed above, you and your passengers are well equipped to avoid and be shielded from certain accidents.

What safety features does a Buick Enclave have?

With nearly all of these features standard (and some of them optional), you'll enjoy features like a backup camera, front and rear collision detection, autonomous braking, lane departure warning, lane-keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, driver alertness monitors, adaptive cruise control, voice command, a head-up display, LED lighting, seven airbags, ABS, traction control, StabiliTrak, and many others.

Buick Enclave Safety Rating: A Summary

In the world of premium luxury SUVs, the Buick Enclave is a fantastic choice. You can style yours to showcase every bit of your personality, but underneath it all, you'll have the confidence to go anywhere and do anything. Explore our new Buick Envision inventory for a slightly different take on safe SUV motoring from Buick and take on your days in total safety and style.

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