Buick GMC Brake Service and Repair Center Near Columbia, MD

Buick GMC Brake Service and Repair Center

Why is a trustworthy brake service center so important? If services like an oil change are neglected or improperly performed, your vehicle may not be able to move. But if your brakes face the same issue, your vehicle's ability to stop will be compromised.

That's a far, far more dangerous situation to encounter. Maintaining stopping power is key to safe driving, and so is maintaining it with quality OEM parts and work by Certified Service experts. So when your brakes need service, visit us to ensure they operate safely.

How Will I Know If I Need a GMC Buick Brake Service?

The easiest way to tell is to check for certain noises. A warning indicator comes on most brake pads to signal that a replacement is needed, but other issues can also make distinct noises. If you hear a squealing sound, a chirping noise, rattling or grinding, or any other concerning noises while you're driving or pressing down on the brake pedal, bring your vehicle to our service center in Glen Burnie, MD as soon as possible.

Also, if any of the following issues occur, brake service is likely needed as soon as possible:

  • The brake pedal feels soft, spongy, or less effective than normal.
  • The brake pedal pulses and/or the steering wheel shakes as you brake.
  • The wheels are covered with excessive brake dust.
  • The wheel well emits strange odors.

What Does a Buick GMC Brake Service Involve?

You'll frequently hear about brake pads, but there's more to the stopping-power story than that. Service or repair at our certified Buick GMC service center can involve checking the condition of several parts that all must work in harmony. These parts and their functions can include:

  • The brake pads: The most common part to replace at our service center near Pasadena, brake pads are metal pieces with a friction-generating surface on one side. That surface naturally wears down as it brings you to a stop, and it requires replacing over time.
  • The brake rotors: The second most common replacement, the brake rotors, are metal discs (which is what "disc brakes" refer to) that spin along with the wheel's axle. Two brake pads grip each rotor with force, bringing your vehicle to a stop. That force wears down the rotors too, and they may need to be replaced during a brake repair service.
  • The brake calipers: The brake calipers are uncommon parts to replace, but replacement may be needed after several years of driving. The calipers sit above the rotor, and the brake pads sit within them. Hydraulic pressure causes the caliper to grip the pads against the rotor, bringing you to a stop. Brake service, repair, or replacement is critical if issues are found with the calipers.
  • The brake lines: These should last the lifetime of the vehicle. The brake lines are metal tubes that carry the hydraulic pressure to the calipers as you press the brake pedal.

What Else Does Your Brake Service Center Near Columbia Offer?

Like a battery service at our certified battery center, there are several components that form the system in question. Aside from inspecting, repairing, or replacing the above parts, there's also the brake fluid that makes it all work. Typically, it should be flushed every two years to ensure braking system performance is maintained.

As well, we offer coupons to make the work easier on your wallet. Find savings today, and your brakes will thank you.

Stop By Our Brake Service Center Near Baltimore Today

Our team is passionate about keeping your vehicle in top shape, so we've got you covered when it comes to maintaining your car's all-important stopping power. Whether you come to us in need of a Buick GMC oil change or a brake service, you'll find friendly customer service to make it all the better. Stop by today to ensure your vehicle stops at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should Buick GMC vehicle brakes last?

Your Buick GMC vehicle’s brakes should typically last for around 40,000 to 100,000 miles in normal driving conditions. However, brakes are a dynamic component, and your driving habits will put varying force on components like the brake pads. With driving conditions like frequent stop and go traffic, they may last for less, and if you mainly drive on open highways, they can last longer. That’s why a frequent brake inspection near Baltimore is so important for your safety.

How often should brake service be done?

A brake inspection should be done within the 7,500-mile maintenance service interval, and if severe wear or damage is found, a brake service should be done in conjunction with the maintenance service. Brake wear on your Buick or GMC vehicle varies significantly with the driving conditions you face — frequent stop and go traffic vs. consistent at-speed highway driving. Contact our service center in Glen Burnie, MD, to schedule your brake service.

When should I replace my Buick GMC vehicle's brakes?

You should typically replace your Buick GMC vehicle’s brakes at around 40,000 to 100,000 miles, but regardless of how many miles have passed, symptoms like a harsh screeching noise as you brake, a pulsing sensation in the brake pedal, or the nose of your vehicle pulling to one side as you brake are cause for an immediate Buick GMC brake replacement.

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